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Using superb wheeling model to build complete group company system

Taipei headquarters manages the Kinpo Group and its reinvested affiliates. The corporate utilizes advanced MIS system to integrate operation facilities in Taiwan, China and Thailand, and connects its global marketing networks.

The corporate integrates and coordinates its worldwide R&D activities, production, order placement, distribution, delivery, technical supports, and after-sale service. New Kinpo is capable of offering JIT response and quality service to its global customers.

The headquarters adopts cross investment and strategic alliance, to integrate the Kinpo Group members. The Group is currently comprised of more than twenty independent entities; covering industry sectors in computer assembly, communications products and services, key components, financial services, network application software, and marketing/distribution. Under our open and efficient management, these Kinpo Group members provide to one another a robust and quality services and supports, which in turn creating a synergetic and energetic corporate culture.

Kinpo Headquarters Compal Headquarters AcBel Polytech ,Taipei
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