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Realizing Future Technology to fulfill Modern Life Satisfaction

New Kinpo's early engagement in electronic calculators thirty years ago has generated a strong base for developing a series of advanced digital consumer product lines, e.g., Electronic Dictionary, Fax, Printer, Mouse, PMP, and GPS, etc. Utilizing superior qualititative designed skills and mindset, plus excellent disciplinary manufacturing team, we become a key ODM supplier in worldwide printer products.

In view of the exponential growth in internet applications, New Kinpo has successfully designed and delivered products in Printer, Mobile Phone, Harddisk Drive,GPS, Set-Top-Box, Media Player, etc.,. to meet global demand in broadband communications. Currently, our global renowned customers include Texas Instruments, HP, Sony, Motorola, Seagate, Panasonic, Western Digital,Harman, Microsoft, Casio, Magellan, Franklin, Epson, Citizen, Canon, and Olivetti, etc. The business relationships nurtured by New Kinpo definitely establishes a good foundation for more business opportunity.

Digital Consumer Communication Imaging
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