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Synergizing Global Technical Talents to create Innovative Products

New Kinpo maintains its leading position in R&D via talented and professional RD experts. Through innovative planning and effective job assignment, our RD talents capable of improvising wonderful design concepts, and realizing conceptual product into commercialization in light of marketing strategies from Sales & Marketing team. New Kinpo Taiwan is responsible for strategic planning of future product and integration of advanced technology with various global RD centers.

To meet market demand, New Kinpo appropriates substantial research funds each year for RD activities. Currently, we have over 1400 RD technical talents to work on various innovative projects on advanced technology utilizing our superior equipments. Many research patents are awarded yearly for our RD innovations and inventions.

R&D talents and facilities in China provide differentiated hardware and software design support. All finished products are ensured to meet present and future market demand in functionality, appearance, quality and delivery. These advantages have made New Kinpo a global trendsetter.

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