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Setting up Competitive Advantage in 21st Century Market Focal Point -- China

In 1996, New Kinpo began to set up production facilities in Dongguan, China and, since then, has expanded its operations to Shanghai and Beijing. The Chang An Factory in Dongguan, with 7000 workforce, is a key southern China manufacturing base and sits on an area of 42,000 acres. Utilizing SPC management system and state-of-the-art computerized automated facilities, the factory have achieved outstanding performance in delivering massive qualified products, such as calculators, electronic dictionaries, global positioning systems, printers, smart phones, mouse and media player, etc.

New Kinpo has also set up an eastern China factory in year 2002, covering an area of 71,660 acres located in Wujiang within Shanghai vicinity. This Wujiang factory has about 6000 workforce producing CDMA、TDMA、GSM、Printer and LCD TV products. These China factories both Dongguan and Wujiang, have built up excellent local supply chain business network, allowing JIT access to quality parts and components at very competitive costs. Through such effective business collaborations, New Kinpo has developed a vertically integrated satellite network of manufacturing infrastructure to satisfy our global customers.

New Kinpo established its software design centers in Shanghai and Beijing as well. Both RD centers have about 200 design engineers. These engineers collaborate with other RD centers on globally initiated advance projects. New Kinpo recruits aggressively on talents in science and technology fields, and expands continuously to establish new RD facilities to accommodate the increasing demand of software and hardware needs on advanced projects.

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