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Create Global Niche through effective Mass Production Support

Thailand is one of the Southeast Asia countries with a great potential for development. New Kinpo established Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) in 1989 to take advantage of local highly skilled work force. Aided with Taiwan's diverse experience and innovative technology, Cal-Comp Electronics has become a self-sufficient entity after many breaks-through and a major support of mass production for Kinpo.

New Kinpo sits on a land of 46,950 acres and has six manufacturing plants designed and built to cater to product features. There are more than 30 SMT product lines in total. Computer aided manufacturing facilities are installed to upgrade product quality and reduce costs. New Kinpo employs more than 7,000 employees working on about one hundred assembly lines, which roll out such products as printers, fax machines, high-frequency cordless phones, IRD, Bluetooth Headset , HDD PCBA, DSC PCBA, etc.

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