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Current Situation

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    For development and competitive advantage of the company in the future, New Kinpo management strategy focuses on global diversification and international manufacturing. New Kinpo Taipei headquarters serves as the company's global operations hub, and is responsible for integrating global financing, marketing, sale, RD, and overall management. Major production sites include the Shenkeng Factory in Taipei, Mahachai and Petchaburi factories of Thailand, Dongguan and Wujiang Factories of China.
    With a substantial annual RD budget, NewKinpo employs over 1,400 top RD engineers striving to design new products meet current market demand. This innovative RD talents combining with advanced technical equipments, has enabled Kinpo to be an industry leader in new product development. Our RD centers in Dongguan, Shanghai, Beijing and Thailand, employing several hundred of creative engineers to develop new product for our global customers.
    In August of year 2008, President Simon Shen becomes the President and CEO of New Kinpo. Under the leadership of President Alan, emphasis will be putting on effectively speedup new product development, upgrade production skills, and strengthen effective management control in cost and supply chain. Managing Kinpo community through Discipline, Professional, Learning & Innovation, President Alan will definitely lead New Kinpo into another era of business success.
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