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Training and Development

We view our employee as the company's most important assets.  Through our comprehensive training system, we can help employees continue to grow, thereby enhancing their expertise and added value, and at the same time, improve work efficiency and promote the company's overall development.
一、Features of training:    
1. To achieve corporate objectives and assist personal growth, company-wide  training is implemented  in accordance with the company’s development and  employees’ needs in the hope to improve manpower quality and reach business  goals.  
2. Emphasize training by rank and job function, in a systematic and continuous basis.  A complete training system provides employees with   opportunities for continuous self-development and space for development.  
  (1) Employee training is implemented on a full scale  basis.  Besides training for newcomers, training of professional skills by job   function, management training by rank, self-motivation, and other  knowledge-based training, the company particular emphasizes the promotion and implementation of internal lecturer system and on-the-job training within the department.
(2) With its internationalized development, the   company is paying special attention to the
development and training of language   ability. Besides engaging a language-training center to
offer courses within the   company or sending employees for external training, the company
continuously organizes English language evaluation tests to encourage employees to improve 
their language proficiency.
(3) Using employees’ personnel   database, a training information system has been set up, which
provides data   inquiry or regular statement printing.  Training results are displayed through
internal news reports and photo exhibitions.
二、Types of training:    
1. Newcomer training: The general pre-job training provides newcomers with practical understanding of the entire company’s overall environment.  
2. Management development training: Various management skill training programs are implemented according to different requirements by rank and job function.  
3. Professional training: Improve technical skills of specialists and cultivate a second skill for employees.  
4. Quality management training: Skill training related to quality management and methodology, including policy management, TQM, etc.  
5. General training: Training organized for all employees, including language training (Thai, English and Japanese), computer operation, intellectual property rights, psychological health seminars, fire drills,etc.  
6. Self-improvement training: The company provides books, training material, specialized publications, magazines, cassette (video) tapes, and teaching DVDs for employees to study and improve themselves after work or during leisure time.  
三、Methods of training:    
1. Internal training: Training unit arranges various types of training courses according to the approved “Annual Training Plan.”
2. External training: To meet the needs of company policy and development, advanced technology, specialized requirements within the department or employees’ need for self-development, staff members are nominated and sent to an external institution for training.
3. On-the-job training: Besides providing instruction and guidance, department supervisors should arrange at least one joint training each quarter according to the respective function and needs of each department.
4. E-Learning: Established Kinpo Electronics, Inc. Online Academy.  Using a computer interface, online courses, electronic teaching material, audiovisual teaching and language learning lessons are provided to colleagues through the company’s intranet system.  Colleagues can go online by
themselves for self learning or assigned by the training unit based on the characteristics of the course or the needs of the job function.
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