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Personal Data
Job Objective      
Expected Salary  Availability        
Fisrt Name          Last Name       
ID.                      Birth Date        
Gender                Military Status  
Marital Status      Mobile             
Phone(Home)      Phone(Office)   
Email Address    
Present Address 
School Name Major Courses        Graduation
Language Ability
                                      Listening          Speaking          Reading          Writing
(ex. Computer Skills、Programming Language...)
Work Experience
Period(Year/Month/Date) Responsibilities or Position

To whom it may concern,
Kinpo Electronic and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) are committed to keep your records of login, interview, admission and all other personal informations you have submitted on the recruiting website per Company’s request strictly confidential, and comply with the Personal Information Protection Act regulations.

When you choose to submit your resume on this recruiting website, will be deemed that you have read the entire contents of the following agreements and accept to comply:
1.You hereby consent and authorize Company to collect, to process within national and international limits, to use the personal information you have provided and will provide in the future, in compliance with applicable laws of the Personal Information Protection Act, and solely for the purpose of recruiting and admission, personnel management and business management; and Company will only collect personal information related to recruiting interview and admission process purposes.
2.The personal information Company may collect includes identification, characteristics, family circumstances, social circumstances, education, technical or other professional qualifications and employment conditions.

3.Company may collect personal information when:

  (1)Recruiting Interview: all the personal information provided during selection event of Company, such as personal basic information, picture, autobiography, academic performance, thesis and related study results, will serve as reference to the staff of recruiting and selection department, and supervisors of applicant department of Company.
(2)Admission: The admission process requires personal information for the purpose of personnel filing, staff management, payroll and benefits, performance evaluation, emergency contact, tax filing and labor health insurance, etc.
(3)Others: Other necessary personal information that Company may request for business management purposes.


4.You hereby consent and authorize Company to keep the collected personal information within the statutory period required in the scope of management.
5.Company will not use your personal information for any purpose beyond the above scope or transfer to third parties, unless with your consent, or required by applicable laws, or when you have been notified in advance, or under the following circumstances:
  (1)When Company is required by the new organization to transfer the staff personal information to the new company due to the company merger, division or assignment.
(2)When the emergency of coerced person and property.
(3)When required by the court or competent governmental authorities, in order to prevent illegal activities or due to investigation need.
(4)Other exception circumstances according to the Personal Information Protection Act .
6.Company has required all employees or third parties who have access to your personal information, to act in compliance with the privacy policy of Company.
7.According to Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act., you may exercise the following rights through written requests:
  (1)May apply to Company for an inquiry, request for a review or copies of the personal information. In this event, Company may charge for a necessary fee legally.
(2)May request Company to complement or correct the personal information, and legally, you should make a proper explanation.
(3)May request Company to cease collection, processing or use of the personal information, and even request to delete it. However, if it is necessary to perform their duties or conduct the business, Company could reject this request.
8.You are free to choose whether provide or not your personal information. However, if you refuse to provide your personal information, Company will not be able to carry out the necessary review and processing operation, therefore, unable to continue the selection process and maintain employee's information.
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